Album Art

Few things excite me more than using my artwork to help a musician or band’s vision come to life. Here’s some cool album covers I’ve done.

123 Cha Cha 2For Blk Elviz of the Extindo GangI Need a Freak 2Nasty track for my boy Beep Beep and the Extindo Gang.Roll Up

Artwork for my very own debut single (the art is cooler than the song).

The Throes FINAL

One of my best pals and fav musicians to work with, my boy Big Cig. ADRE$$Memorex Blues FINAL

other me altShinin FINAL

Another Tallboy single from yours truly$$$ FINAL

Sick collaboration I did with one of the realest out there, my boy MC Freeman (I’m in the song too!)


Did y’all know that in some impoverished communities Tide laundry detergent has become a sort of currency used to buy drugs and groceries? Well my friends and I learned about it and decided to make a hip hop track.

I'm Serious FINAL

For my good pal Cam Duffner!